Thursday, August 24, 2006

Medical graduates: 1,593 from 26 countries
IF a system for training doctors en masse like the one implemented by the Cubans is not adopted, the future of the peoples is uncertain, because between epidemics and social marginalization the health of the poor of the planet is constantly threatened.
So said Cuban Health Minister José Ramón Balaguer at the central graduation event for students in Medical Science yesterday afternoon at the Victoria de Girón Institute of Basic and Pre-Clinical Science.
As of yesterday, Cuba has 2,314 new health professionals and 1,593 students from 26 countries also received their medical diplomas.
It was in this same venue, inaugurated by Fidel 44 years ago, that the mass training of doctors began after many of those existing on the island emigrated to the United States as a result of campaigns against the Revolution, he recalled.
“Cuba now has 71,000 doctors,” he noted. “Thanks to their responsibility and human sensibility we have achieved a giant army that is giving solidarity within and without the island, not only raising the quality of life of their patients but other values that are also promoters of health.”
“Our country is lending medical assistance in 68 nations and has offered aid in a hundred countries,” noted Balaguer, who recalled the interest in establishing 11 faculties similar to that of the Latin America School of Medicine (ELAM) in various Third World countries, above all in Africa.
Brazilian doctor Alexander Sales, the best all-round ELAM graduate, affirmed that the principles forged in the six years of study will be applied in their countries of origin and wherever they are needed.
Reading out the oath of the graduates, Julio Arma, a general doctor, emphasized maintaining the ethics of the profession in any part of the world and serving the most unprotected peoples of the planet.
This central event, dedicated to President Fidel Castro’s 80th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Granma Landing, was attended by José Ramón Machado Ventura, Pedro Ross Leal and Concepción Campa, members of the Political Bureau.


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