Monday, August 28, 2006

Miami, shelter of a hysterical and merciless mafia
By Orlando de la Cruz Barbán
Miami has become the paradise of the rage and the lies, where for some miserable dollars a fauna of frustrated people cry our for Fidel Castro’s death, one of the men that history already recognizes as a moral giant.
Those who pay are the same guys that have got rich with a hostile and murderous policy toward the Cuba people for decades; and of course, they are those who take the biggest cut in the money that the government of the United States dedicates to its faithful servants of the counterrevolution, at the taxpayers’ expense.
Fortunately, in Miami, not everybody is in favour of those who define themselves “anti-Castro fighters”; that is the members of the Cuban American National Foundation, and others of same kind, as the so-called Comandos F-4, Alpha-66, Omega-7 and Brothers to the Rescue who intimidate no one in this untamable Island with boasts of criminals.
Amid the rarefied atmosphere of that city, marked by a sordid, anti-human, warlike spirit and saturated of lies and public scandals, Five Cuban patriots were judged for penetrating those groups in southern Florida; groups devoted themselves to illegal activities including terrorism.
The mission of de Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández, René González, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González was to impede that those radical organizations could fulfil their macabre plots against Cuba, activities that they have been perpetrating for almost 50 years affecting not only Cubans, but citizens from other nations.
With all these antecedents and more, the jury of Miami-Dade did not have the enough courage to issue a fair verdict, when the real terrorists such as the members of the Cuban American National Foundation launched all kind of threats; liked that of José Basalto, ringleader of Brothers to the Rescue when said: “These jurors have to be concerned unless they convict these men of every count lodged against them”.
It seems that the members of the jury had to “understand” that clear and evident message: " if you don't indict the Five, then you’ll have to accept the consequences!, and if you want more elements, just look at the television cameras, everyone knows that you are members of the jury, and you cannot forget that and you cannot make a mistake."
That is why, the Five Cubans that are serving long and unjust sentences in federal prisons in the United States should not be tried in Miami, because it was not a neutral city, on the contrary the law of the jungle rules there and the justice is permanently squashed by the enemies of the Cuban people, that roll around on the dunghill of their ill hatred against the Revolution.
But little by little the North Americans will learn the injustices that have proliferated around the trial of the Cuban Five, thanks to George W. Bush ‘s “buddies”, masterminds of the cheatings that took him to the White House.
The world must know everything about it, and know that the current president of the United States that “champion” of the antiterrorist crusade, houses infamous murderers like Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch in his own country.
As far as I know, you can not put out a fire with a thimble of water, and the truth of the Cuban Five antiterrorists fighters, imprisoned in jails of the Empire, is more or more known by the public in the United States. Definitively, they are the ones who will demand justice for René, Fernando, Antonio, Gerardo and Ramón.
That’s enough! Justice should be done.


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